Ates Kuslari Episode 3 English Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Episode 3 English Subtitles

Series : Ates Kuslari English Subtitles – HD

Season : 1

Episode : 3

Category : DramaFamily

Views : 34

Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Tags : Drama Family

Ates kuslari Episode 3 English Subtitles

Episode summary

  • Firebirds are returning to the street
  • Firebirds, whose nests are destroyed, are left homeless and return to the streets where they started. Will Ali be able to save his family from the streets this time? In the past, Rootless people try to be a family and survive in their first home they built on the top of Istanbul.
  • Mercan enters Eyüboğlu Mansion
  • Zıpkın cannot bear what Gülayşe has suffered and finds a way to bring Mercan to Eyüboğlu mansion as a servant so that the secrets of the past will be revealed. Will this path help them achieve their goals?
  • Barbaros is after Gülayşe.
  • On the other hand, Gülayşe is surprised to return to the street, her first home after being found in the garbage, and thinks that she has left Barbaros forever. However, Barbaros went after them to take Gülayşe to her father. Although Gülayşe is unaware, Barbaros is watching her at all times.

Previous Episode summary

  • Barbaros Commissioner finally kept his promise to Nizam Eyüboğlu and found his daughter Lara. But Lara baby is not unattended. She is now the Rose of the Firebirds, she. How will Barbaros succeed in separating Gülayşe from her siblings?
  • The great struggle of Ateş Kuşları. Ateş Kuşları, on the other hand, will face the danger of losing their nests due to lack of identity and money. Will they be able to find a way not to fall into the street again? How will the rootless take care of their babies?
  • In the past, Kökless Crew, who escaped from Çatal and did not have a roof over their heads, fell on the street with a forty-day-old baby. What will the Köksizler, who are family to the baby they found in the trash, struggle to keEp their little baby alive?

ates kuslari Episode 3

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Firebirds Episode 3

Ateş Kuşları Episode 3 English Subtitles

  • Original Title: Ateş Kuşları
  • English Title: Firebird
  • Genre: Drama
  • Broadcast Network: ATV
  • Director: Emir Khalilzadeh
  • Producer: Mehmet Bozdag
  • Writer: Nehir Erdem


ates kuslari Episode 3

  • As we enter the year 2000, 5 street children in the hands of a man who beg for children: Ali, Mercan, Harpoon, Sabit, Kara… They manage to become brothers by defiing all the treachery of the world. Because they have no roots to hold on to, they cling to each other and call themselves rootless.
  • The fate of the rootless is changed when they find a baby in the garbage one night. Coral becomes a mother to the rootless at a young age. Ali is also the father… Rootless people who cannot take care of themselves decide to raise this baby with what they find from the garbage. But it won’t be easy. Because the same night is pregnant with a great sin.
  • This secret that the rootless people will carry on their backs for the rest of their lives will hurt Ali the most. Both the Çatal who begged them and the secret of that night will not leave them behind. For these street children who survived by holding on to each other, the 23-year veil of secrecy will be opened again when Gülayşe falls in love and Barbaros Commissioner enters their lives…
  • Everyone is eager to know what is the new drama Ateş Kuşları is all about. Who are the Cast of Ateş Kuşları? What is the Synopsis of Ateş Kuşları? From where was it adapted? So let us find out the answers below.
  • ATV is getting ready to come to the fullest this season as well. In the new season, ATV, which tries not to lose the ratings of any channel by adding new ones in addition to its old content, this time draws attention to Firebirds. The subject and actors of the Firebirds series, which was first introduced, are a matter of curiosity. So what is the subject of the Firebirds series? Who are the actors in the Firebirds series? Here are the details…
  • ATV’s new series, which bears the signature of Bozdağ Film, is getting ready to meet with the audience soon.
  • Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem are penning the script of Firebirds, with Benal Tairi in the director’s chair.

What is the Synopsis of the Ateş Kuşları Series?

  • It is said that most street children do not even reach the age of 20. Those who see it cannot be said to have lived. Drugs, violence, sexual harassment, hunger, and more. The fate of street children is either to go to prison or to the grave. But five of these children manage to defy this written destiny.
  • The eldest of these children who call themselves ‘Köksüzler – Rootless’ is 13 and the youngest is 6 years old. This story, which begins with five street children, one girl and one autistic, finding a forty-day-old baby in a dumpster, tells how they turned from Rootless to Ateş Kuşları(Firebird).
  • Ateş Kuşları is the story of children resisting fate despite all the difficulties, the pain they have experienced, and against all odds.

Ateş Kuşları Release Date

  • The release date of Ateş Kuşları series, prepared by Bozdağ Film for ATV channels, has not been announced yet. The preparatory work for the series continues at full speed.
  • However, if it does not reach the summer months, it is said that the series will come to the screen in the new season. Bozdag, which has broadcast quite ambitious series to date, is preparing to enter the new season like a bomb with this series.

Cast of Ateş Kuşları

Ates Kuslari English Subtitles

Bozdag, who has undertaken the production of TV series such as Osman, epic, is preparing a new series for ATV on ATV screens. The cast of the Firebirds series is still in progress.

So far, no statement has been made about the cast, including the lead actors of the series. The script of the series is written by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, and the casts are:

  • İlayda Alişan as Gül Ayşe
  • Hande Soral as Mercan
  • Görkem Sevindik as Ali
  • Burak Tozkoparan as Barbaros
  • Serkan Ercan as Menderes
  • Nizam Namidar as Nizam
  • Ahmet Saraçoğlu as Çatal
  • Gonca Cilasun as Hacer
  • Erdem Şanlı as Zıpkın
  • Emir Çubukçu as Sabit
  • Onat Bulut as Halis
  • Lilya İrem Salman as Hüma
  • Sedef Akalın as Şirin
  • Hilal Uysun as Nermin
  • Ozan Ağaç as Zümrüt
  • Boncuk Yılmaz as Nazmiye
  • Yeşim Dalgıçer as Gazeteci
  • Kaan Sevi as Cemal
  • Çınar Yükçeker as Yakup
  • Almira Abay as Çocuk Mercan
  • Fatih Fuat Odabaşı as Çocuk Sabit
  • Berke Obuz as Çocuk Zıpkın
  • Görkem Doğan as Pamir
  • Umut Ege Baştemur as Çocuk Kara

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu – Turna

Ates Kuslari English Subtitles

  • Başak Gümülcinelioğlu will be among the Ateş Kuşları cast. Başak Gümülcinelioğlu was born on October 22, 1991, in Germany. Başak Gümülcinelioğlu studied acting at the London Academy of Music in England and studied Architecture in Turkey.
  • Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, who is 31 years old, has been successfully involved in both the Early Bird and Sen Çal Kapımı series recently. Başak Gümülcinelioğlu is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 50 kg. Başak Gümülcinelioğlu does not have a lover that she has announced at the moment.

Görkem Sevindik

Ates Kuslari English Subtitles

  • Görkem Sevindik may be the male lead actor in the Ateş Kuşları series. Görkem Sevindik, who was very popular with Ramo, Söz and Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush, will be partnering with Başak Gümülcinelioğlu in the Firebirds series.
  • Görkem Sevindik, who recently took part in the digital project named Erkek Severse, was born on 7 October 1986 in Adana and is 36 years old. Görkem Sevindik, who took acting lessons at Müjdat Gezen Art Center, is 1.86 m tall and weighs 75 kg.

ates kuslari Episode 3

ates kuslari Episode 3 English Subtitles

Firebirds Episode 3

Ateş Kuşları Episode 3 English Subtitles

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