Baba Episode 11 English Subtitles – High Quality

Baba Episode 11 English Subtitles – High Quality

Series : Baba (the father) – High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 11

Category : ComedyDrama

Views : 51

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 120 minutes

Language : Turkish

Tags : Comedy Drama
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Baba Episode 11

Summary episode 11

  • Servet takes a very dangerous decision that will affect all family members and begins to act together with Ferit.
  • Trying to solve Servet’s next plan, Kadir takes some measures to protect his family. Trying to make Büşra happy, İlhan makes an unexpected move. Fazilet comes to the brink of a difficult decision because of a surprise guest coming home. Trying to collect himself, Emin gets another blow he never expected. While Büşra and İlhan are living the happiest day of their lives, İlhan is devastated by the news. While Servet plays his biggest trump card against his family, Kadir once again finds himself in big trouble.With Uğur’s arrival at the mansion, all the balances in the house are suddenly disrupted.
  • For Kadir, who is trying to tidy up the house and the company in Emin’s absence, things get into a deadlock. Trying to keep Kadircan’s attention, Cansu makes a surprise move.
  • Confronting Emin after İlhan’s marriage proposal, Büşra has to make a very difficult decision. Determined to prove his love for Büşra, İlhan plays his biggest trump card. Confronted with a shocking truth about Servet, Emin dies in front of his son.

Baba Episode 11

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Synopsis And Cast:

  • Show TV announced its ambitious series (The Father) in the new season. The first presentation of the series, starring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş, was shared. Signed by Ay Yapım, The series is a candidate to be one of the most talked about productions of the screens in the new season. Well, what is the subject of the series, who are the actors? When will the series start? Here are all the curious about (The Father) series, which is among the most talked about with its first presentation…
  • (The Father) of the new series of Show TV, which was reflected in the press as One Night Sudden, has changed. Gökhan Horzum, who also wrote the screenplay for Çukur, will write the script for the TV series by Ay Yapım. Çağrı Bayrak will sit in the director’s chair of the TV series. All the details who is already a candidate to be one of the most talked about series of the new season, are in our news.

Baba Episode 11

Cast of Baba (The Father) :

  • Haluk Bilginer as Emin Saruhanlı
  • Tolga Sarıtaş as Kadir Saruhanlı
  • Özge Yağız as Büşra Saruhanlı
  • Hakan Kurtaş as İlhan
  • Taner Rumeli as Servet Saruhanlı
  • Bihter Dinçel as Münevver Saruhanlı
  • Ayda Aksel as Fazilet Saruhanlı
  • Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat as Şahika
  • Özge Özacar as Cansu
  • Damlasu İkizoğlu as Kübra Saruhanlı
  • Oktay Çubuk as Kadircan Saruhanlı
  • Beril Pozam
  • Nihan Okutucu
  • Cem Uslu
  • Tolga Sala
  • Ahmet Şenkaya

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