Balkan Ninnisi Episode 6 English Subtitles High Quality

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 6 English Subtitles High Quality

Series : Balkan Ninnisi English Subtitles High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 6

Category : DramaFamilySoap

Views : 104

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 120 minutes

Language : Turkish

balkan ninnisi Episode 6 :

Balkan Lullaby Episode 6 :

Episode summary

  • Even though Suleiman may not be the chief of the bazaar, he regains his reputation in the market by telling the truth. While his father Zübeyir Ağa is most happy about this situation, Arif is the most upset. Finding an actor to play with Jovanka puts both families in the mansion at ease. Both families start to wait with great excitement for Jovanka to receive the money… Neriman prepares to celebrate this good news by opening pies with her daughters and singing folk songs…
  • Meanwhile, Ayşen, who secretly met with Zafer, is very happy for her return. Recently, strong winds have started to blow between Arif and Gülsüm. Will Arif, who uses various methods to make Gülsüm happy and make her smile, be successful? While the Tahir family is waiting for the Macedonian family to leave the mansion, everything turns upside down when the deed turns out to be true and the producer gives up on the film project.
  • How will Köfteci Süleyman, Neriman and their family members react to this situation? Ertan, who was unaware of the turmoil in the mansion and made an unexpected move and made love to Jovanka on the radio, what answer will he get from his beloved?

Previous Episode summary

  • Although Pavel returns his diary to Jovanka, he says that he will not reveal the secrets about the young girl for now. Jovanka, who wants the shooting to be completed as soon as possible, is ready to do whatever it takes to get the money from the producer and leave the mansion.
  • Meanwhile, Köfteci Süleyman, Neriman and their family members have difficulties in hiding the Macedonian family because of Daniel.
  • They have to introduce them to their neighbours as their guests from Turkey. Aware of this situation and disturbed, Zübeyir Ağa makes a big plan to save both families, especially Süleyman, from this lie.

balkan ninnisi Episode 6

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Synopsis :

  • In the city of Skopje, which is divided by the Vardar River, Macedonians live on one side of the river while Turks and Albanians live on the other side. Süleyman Usta and his family, the owner of the meatball shop, named after the Taş Köprü, which unites the two sides, experience the excitement of the young Ertan’s return from Istanbul to Skopje, in the historical mansion where they stay together.
  • Ertan is one of the two sons of the house. He has graduated from university and is returning to his homeland. The whole family, especially his uncle Süleyman and mother Neriman, is waiting for Ertan as an architect. Thanks to Ertan’s architecture, they dream of rebuilding the mosque, which was destroyed in the earthquake years ago, and whose grandfather Zübeyir was the imam of the house. However, both the section that Ertan is studying and the method he will choose to build the mosque are completely different.
  • On the other hand, Jovanka, who, under the pressure of her mother Elena, studied political science in Vienna and returned to the city like Ertan. She will face a life she does not want, every detail of which is planned against her will. Jovanka, whose desire is to deal with art, is at the beginning of the part where she will get rid of her mother Elena’s authority and fight for her own life. Her closest supporters in this struggle will be his father Daniel and her sister Maria.
  • Ertan comes to the city and confesses to his family that he studied Radio, Cinema, and Television instead of Architecture. Disappointed, the family quickly writes the script for Ertan’s future. Süleyman, making his nephew a meatball maker. Neriman, on the other hand, wants to marry Ertan to a family-worthy Turkish girl, fearing that her eldest son married a Macedonian and left the mansion. But at the end of this effort, fate plays its game. Now, Neriman’s biggest fear is that Ertan is having a secret love affair with a Macedonian, Jovanka.
  • On the one hand, Süleyman, who did not even stEp on the Macedonian side, and Neriman, who fears that his young son will leave with a Macedonian, on the other hand, Elena, who does not like the Turks at all. They will be the biggest obstacle to Ertan and Jovanka. But the hostility of these two families towards each other. It is not a simple matter of nationality, but the result of a deEp wound from the past. Ertan and Jovanka will seek happiness in a tough struggle.”

balkan ninnisi Episode 6

Cast of balkan ninnisi :

Erdal Özyağcılar as Süleyman :

balkan ninnisi Merih Erdal Ozyagcılar

  • Özyağcılar was born in 1948 in Bursa. He started his acting career in 1967, with the movie “Ölüm Tarlası” (Field of Death). He is a theater artist as well as a screen actor, who had roles in many plays, movies and TV series. He also appeared in TV commercials.
  • Özyağcılar is a popular character in the TV series Yabancı Damat, which is famous both in Turkey and Greece.
  • The artist regained his popularity in Turkey in 2007 with the series named Elveda Rumeli (Farewell Rumelia), portraying a Turkish peasant living during the turmoil times of 19th century in Balkans region, near Monastir, with his family, when Ottoman Empire started to lose territory and fall back.
  • He is married to Güzin Özyağcılar, also a theater actress.

Özlem Türkad as Neriman :

Özlem Türkad was born on August 10, 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an actress, known for 7 Numara (2000), Seksenler (2012) and Beynelmilel (2006).

Emre Bey as Ertan :

balkan ninnisi Emre Bey

  • Emre Bey is Turkish actor known for his roles as Kivanç in the show Adi Efsane (2017) and as Arda in Elimi birakma (2018). His paternal family is Albanian immigrant from Yugoslavia. He trained at the Craft Acting Workshop. He had his screen debut in 2015, playing Can in the TV series Ask Zamani (2015). He is represented by Unit Talent Management.
  • He has a younger sister. His paternal family is Albanian immigrant from Yugoslavia.

Hakan Boyav as Daniel :

balkan ninnisi Merih Hakan Boyav

  • Hakan Boyav (born January 10, 1964) is a Turkish actor He has participated in many serials and is also a theater director who has participated in many plays, films and series.

Merih Filiz Ahmet :

balkan ninnisi Merih Filiz Ahmet

  • Filiz Ahmet (born 15 April 1981) is a Macedonian-born Turkish stage and screen actress. She is best known for her roles as Zarife in the Turkish TV series Farewell Rumelia and Nigar Kalfa in the TV series Muhtesem Yüzyil.
  • Filiz Ahmet was born in Skopje, SR Macedonia. She is of Turkish descent. Filiz Ahmet has dual Macedonian and Turkish citizenship. Her mother works as a prompter, while her grandfather, Lüftü Seyfullah, was a Macedonian stage actor and co-founder of the Macedonian-Turkish Theatre.
  • The first play she watched in the theater was The Idiot, based on the novel by the same name written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. She developed a lifelong passion for theater, and was 6 when she first appeared on stage.
  • Ahmet’s childhood coincided with the Yugoslav Wars. Due to the conflict, her family decided to go to Sweden, and later returned to Macedonia when she was 15. Filiz Ahmet graduated from medical school and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2003.
  • Ahmet is multilingual and is able to speak Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Swedish, English, Serbian, and Bulgarian.

Merih Öztürk :

balkan ninnisi Merih Ozturk

  • Merih Öztürk (born December 28, 1999 in Düzce) is a Turkish model and actress. The Best Model Of Turkey 2018 is the third.
  • Merih Öztürk was interested in acting from the age of 6.
  • She studied front-camera acting, diction training, audition at the Human Acting Workshop.
  • He finished high school at 80. He studied at the Noah Cement Anatolian High School for a year.
  • He received his university education at Kocaeli University – Faculty of Sports Sciences.
  • She took part in various projects such as Trt Children’s Advertisement, Transistor Advertisement, Danette, Enza Home, Molped and Veet Advertisement.

Other Acteurs :

  • Deniz Gürkan as Gülbahar
  • Gözde Çığacı as Gülsüm
  • Erman Saban as Hayati
  • Sarp Bozkurt as Arif
  • Süleyman Kara as Mustafa
  • Kaan Turgut as Pavel
  • Mustafa Jašar
  • Bedija Begovska
  • Elyesa Kaso

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