Hakim Episode 3 English Subtitles High Quality

Hakim Episode 3 English Subtitles High Quality

Series : Hakim The judge English Subtitles – High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 3

Category : Drama

Views : 37

Quality : HD 1080p

Language : Turkish

Tags : Drama
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Hakim Episode 3 :

The judge Episode 3 :

A judge tries to protect his son from a death-caused hit and rum situation.

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Hakim Episode 3

Synopsis :

  • The character that Burak Dakak will bring to life, one day on the way to school, hits a young person by car, causes his death, and flees from the scene. The events begin after that. The boy he killed is the son of the country’s most troublesome mafia boss. The mafia boss searches for the crasher to avenge his son.
  • The character that İlayda Alişan will give life is in the same school as Burak Dakak. The dominant father will try to get his son out of this business.
  • The series, which will be screened in the new season and adapted from the Israeli TV series “Your Honor”, is a series that has achieved a very high viewing rate in America in 2020. Preparations for the series, which will be screened under the name of Hakim (The Judge) in the 2021-2022 season in Turkey, have started and casting continues.
  • The plot story of the series, on the other hand, is the main subject of the series, after the untimely death of his wife, the events and forensic cases after his son, whom he raised alone, hit a young man on a motorcycle and killed him while driving. We can also say that a father who is torn between his conscience and justice experiences the story of the series.

Where will the series air ?

  • Information about when the Hakim series will start on which channel has not yet been clarified. The series will probably be broadcast on ATV screens in accordance with his contract with Limon Film. This season, many justice-themed TV series are on the screen in our country.
  • TV series such as the judgment on Kanal d screens and everything about marriage on ATV screens became very popular and reached high ratings. For this reason, let’s say that the series can also get very high ratings. The series, in which a master actor like Erdal Beşikçioğlu will take part, will meet with the audience in 2022.

When the series will  Be Air ?

  • The preparation processes of the series, the selection of the actors, the improvements made in the venues, and the gathering of the set crew take a lot of time. It really takes a great deal of effort to make test shots, montage audio and video, and then come up with a series. For now, we do not have certain information about when the series will start on ATV screens.
  • The series needs to be prepared as soon as possible so that the screen will not be blank after the possibility of an early finale of the innocence series to be broadcast on ATV or the finale of the TV series you knock on my door on Saturday evenings. Filming of the series, whose work will begin at the end of March 2021, will begin in April or May, and the series will be ready to be broadcast.

Where is the series Filmed ?

  • It should be noted that the series, which is still in the preparation stage, will be shot in Istanbul, but will take place in the series from time to time in scenes such as the seaside or lakeside. For this reason, Şile shores may be one of the locations of the series. Because some of the events that will appear before the series are committed on the beach.
  • Adaptation of kvodo series originally aired in America We will continue to write you detailed information as detailed information about the upcoming Hakim (The Judge) series comes and the shooting locations are finalized.

Hakim Episode 2

Cast and Characters :

  • Preparations for the series , which will be produced by Limon Film in 2021, have begun. First of all, let’s say that the series, whose cast works are continuing, will be an adaptation of a foreign series that was previously broadcast in America and Israel.
  • Although the casting efforts of the series continue, the names of actors such as Ebru Özkan, Hasibe Eren, Fikret Kuşkan, Güven Kıraç, Musa Uzunlar and Mert Tanık began to be mentioned with the series. Let’s say that after the players have signed a contract with the series, they will be on our page with detailed information.
  • The series, which will be screened in the new season, will be prepared by Limon Film. Soner Caner and Erkan Tunç are in the director’s chair. Yılmaz Şahin adapts the script of the series from the TV series Your Honor.
  • Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ebru Özkan and Hasibe Eren are in the cast of the series. We would like to present the newcomers to the series, the leading actors and all the characters on this page, respectively, and give you brief information about the details. We will add all the players who came to the series to our page in order.

Erdal Beşikçioğlu as Ömer Arif :

  • While the preparations for the series were in progress, the first promotional trailer was released. Erdal Beşikçioğlu was the actor who played the judge role in the promotional trailer. Erdal Beşikçioğlu will add color to the series by playing a role in the series. Erdal Beşikçioğlu was born in 1970 in Ankara.

Burak Dakak

  • Burak Dakak joined the cast of the series. Burak Dakak was born in 1998 in Ankara. He took part in the TV series Ezel, Extended Family, Magnificent Century Kösem, Diriliş Ertuğrul, Gülperi and Çukur. Burak Dakak will be the son of Erdal Beşikçioğlu, who plays the role of Hakim in the series. On his way to school, he crashes and kills a mafia son and his father tries to save him.

Ebru Özkan as Yasemin

  • Ebru Özkan became the female lead actress in the cast of the series. Born in 1978, Ebru Özkan took part in many TV series and movies and made her most important debut with the series Şahin Tepesi on the ATV screens. Ebru Özkan, who appeared in the Hekimoğlu series, which was broadcast on Kanal d last season, previously played important roles in TV series such as shattered, notepad, mothers and daughters, lady’s farm.
  • Ebru Özkan, who graduated from Ankara University, Department of Language, History and Geography, will appear on the screen in 2022 in the series.

İlayda Alisan

  • Who is İlayda Alişan, who will play a role in the series? İlayda Alişan and Burak Dakak have previously acted together in the Çukur series. İlayda Alişan Çukur, born in 1996 in Istanbul, took part in the TV series Rüya, Şampiyon, Benim Adım Gültepe, Bir Çocuğu Sevdim.

Hasibe Eren as Gülbahar

  • Hasibe born in Germany in 1975, Hasibe Eren graduated from high school in Istanbul and graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Advertising. She studied theater criticism and drama death at the same university, and took part in various stages in the theater club. Hasibe Eren, who also appeared in successful roles in TV series such as Yalan Dünya, Yağmur Zamanı, Avrupa Yakası, will give life to an important character in the series.

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