Hayaller ve Hayatlar Episode 13 High Quality

Hayaller ve Hayatlar Episode 13 High Quality

Series : Hayaller Ve Hayatlar English Sub Season 1 High Quality

Season : 1

Episode : 13

Category : ComedyRomance

Views : 39

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 45 minutes

Language : Turkish

Tags : Comedy Romance
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Hayaller ve Hayatlar Episode 13 :

Lives and Dreams Episode 13 :

  • Dicle, Güneş, Setenay, Melike and Meryem are five close friends who have frequent conflicts between their dreams and their lives, who face all difficulties together and set out with hope for their dreams every day. Setenay, who will marry the love of her life, is excited about the cool bachelorette party she has been planning for months; but with the families joining the party, a completely different night is experienced.
  • Dicle, on her way to her dream job interview, experiences a setback that will change her whole life. Dicle, who finally gets the job she wants, has to grapple with the confusion caused by a lie she told without thinking.
  • Güneş, who started to work in the same office as Meryem, is shocked by the rumors about her friend on her first working day.

Hayaller ve Hayatlar Episode 13

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Hayaller ve Hayatlar Episode 13

Cast :

Karam Bursin, the hero of the series “Lives and Dreams”

  • The handsome Turkish artist, Karam Bursin, confirmed his joining the series, to be the first to join him, and the work will be offered on the Internet. In addition to many conversations with Perak Tuzunatas to join the series, produced by NGMedya, to be shown on one of the net platforms.
  • It is reported that the production company interviewed Pelin Karahan to join the series. In addition to the nomination of Gizam Karaja, a candidate for the championship of the series “Dreams and Reality”, produced by NGMedya, to be shown on one of the Internet platforms.

We get to know the hero of the work (Karam Bursin)

  • Karam Bursin, born 1987 AD in Istanbul, is a famous Turkish model, advertising model and TV and film actor. He lived with his family and lived in many countries, including the United States, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Bursin’s real breakthrough came in Turkey when he was offered a starring role in The famous Turkish youth series “Beyond the Sun”, in which he embodied the character “Karam”, a teenage high school student, who is experiencing a period of adolescence full of surprises and strange and exciting events.
  • The beautiful star Hande Dogan Demir and the able star Emre Kenai participated in the tournament.

Belen Karhan

  • A great and well-known Turkish actress who co-starred in many important series that impressed and adored the Arab citizen, such as the Sultan’s harem. The artist was born in Ankara on October 6, 1984, married to Bedri Gontay and has two children. She has green eyes and chestnut hair. She graduated from Anatolia University.
  • Her professional start was in advertising and commercials on television, she moved to Istanbul after she finished her university studies, she did not have a luxurious life after she came to Istanbul, but on the contrary, she fought a lot to get a job to suffice herself and be able to live in the city, to go to an advertising company to appear As an advertising actress, they chose her to work in the series Years of Willows.

Perak Tuzunatach :

  • Born in Yalova in 1984, she lived in her city with her family until the first school stage, then moved to Istanbul in 1995, and studied high school before university at Koç School, since her childhood and she has great energy, likes to use her time to do a lot She has great self-confidence, even in times of crisis, she faces the problem, deals with it, and makes good decisions.
  • She was interested in drawing during her school studies, and she owned a portfolio in which she puts all her drawings, but because of studying business administration, she moved away from drawing, and chose to go towards another path and dream far from Draw.

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