Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34 English subtitles – Season 2

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34 English subtitles – Season 2

Series : Uc Kiz Kardes English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality

Season : 2

Episode : 34

Category : DramaFamily

Views : 34

Quality : HD 1080p

Duration : 150 minutes

Language : Turkish

Tags : Drama Family

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34 English Subtitles

Episode summary

  • Hearing the conversation between Türkan and Mustafa, Somer has a harsh confrontation with Mustafa. Having met Türkan before, Mustafa tells his father Özer what happened.
  • As the ice melts between Mustafa and Özer after this issue is revealed, Rüçhan gets to know more about Mustafa and Sevilay. Türkan warns Derya about Mustafa. He has to decide between Somer’s anger and Sevilay’s situation.
  • Between Donus and Serdar, the ropes are tense because of Fatih Kalender. Türkan and Sevilay’s business partnership starts to worry Nesrin as well. Rüçhan, on the other hand, pushes Özer into a corner with the conditions he offers.
  • While Somer’s threats to Mustafa continue, Türkan comes face to face with Sevilay about Mustafa. While Rüçhan pressures Türkan to end his partnership, Türkan, who realizes that she knows everything, challenges Rüçhan.

Summary of the previous Episode

  • While Türkan goes to Somer to redeem herself, Mine takes the opportunity of Somer’s separation with Türkan, and takes the road to the forest house where Somer is staying. Returning, sacrificing himself for the sake of protecting Derya and Fatih’s daughter, becomes a new light of hope for Fatih. Rüçhan is shocked to see Sevilay and Mustafa in the house of the Nesrins.
  • While Türkan cannot make sense of Mine’s confronting Somer, Mine is also uneasy to see Türkan in front of her again. He searches for ways to gain Somer’s trust without separating him from his daughter. Nesrin’s suspicions about Sevilay and Özer gradually increase. Serdar realizes that Dönen is chasing something secretly and follows her.
  • Rüçhan brings Özer and Sevilay together and starts to operate his new plan. On the other hand, Mustafa decides to confront the Korman family, who put pressure on his mother. This decision brings Türkan and Somer to the brink of a new crisis.

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34

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Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34 english subtitles

Cast of the series

Ozgu Kaya as Turkan 

Uc Kiz Kardes Ozgu Kaya

  • Türkan is a Cinderella in a fairy tale, a Rapunzel locked in a fairy tale castle… Even though her life seems like a fairy tale from the outside, only Türkan’s tears are behind closed doors. Türkan has always thought that she has no virtues other than her beauty.
  • Otherwise, her mother wouldn’t have loved her just because she was “beautiful”. Türkan, the first tear in the family, was always her mother’s beautiful, delicate, fragile daughter, she always thought that she needed protection, she raised her that way.
  • That’s why Türkan didn’t have the right to choose anything in her life. She didn’t choose her husband or the hellish life she lived after her marriage. No one knows how long she’ll be willing to accept her fate as Rapunzel, locked in a tower without a ladder.

Reha Ozcan as Sadık

Uc Kiz Kardes Reha Ozcan

  • He is a loving Post Office Manager to his devoted wife, daughters, or rather to his roots.
  • When he lost his parents at a young age, he always kept his family ahead of everything because his siblings were his whole family. Although he never wanted to leave Ayvalık where he was born, he could not go against his wife Nesrin’s wishes and settle in Eskişehir, but his mind is always in his roots, in Ayvalık. And when she could not stand it one day and secretly asked Nesrin to be assigned to Ayvalık, her marriage came to an end. But their daughter, Return, was the turn of this marriage from the abyss.
  • In other words, Return has been the symbol of baby Nesrin’s return to Ayvalık and marriage. Sadık and Nesrin learn what kind of hell their daughter Türkan, whom they thought was living a fairy tale life, actually lived. Her younger daughter Derya is on the brink of another abyss. Loyal.

Almila Ada as Dönüş

Uc Kiz Kardes Melisa Berberoglu

  • The middle daughters of Mr. Sadık and Ms. Nesrin, she is the daughter who most resembles her father, Sadık Bey.
  • She wanted to study literature, but her illness and financial difficulties did not allow her to do so, and she was left alone with her parents when her older sister got married and her brother went to university and left home. Returning, comparing herself to Feride from the novel Çalıkuşu, will learn years later that she is actually the Munise of the novel (Çalıkuşu Feride’s daughter).
  • Return’s biggest love is Serdar. Nesrin has always tried to keEp Dönin away from Serdar. Maybe it was successful for a while, but years later the two lovers will meet again.

Melisa Berberoğlu as Derya

Uc Kiz Kardes Melisa Berberoglu

  • Derya is the most independent, outspoken, rebellious daughter of Sadık and Nesrin Hanım, nicknamed “Tomboy”. Derya, who loves cats, dogs, trees, birds, and insects, takes care of them, gives them beautiful names, intends to become an architect. He does not encounter any obstacles to pursuing his dreams, but unfortunately, the biggest obstacle is himself again.
  • His frivolity, impetuousness, and rebelliousness will lead him to make mistakes, and he will choose the wrong people. Hakan, who lives an irresponsible and vagrant life, who is quite older than himself, to whom he clings as the love of my life, will drag the young girl on paths that are perhaps impossible to return.

Iclal Aydın as Nesrin

Uc Kiz Kardes Iclal Aydın

  • Unlike Sadik, Nesrin is a woman who does her best not to take root in the land where she was born, but to break away from that land. She has never loved Ayvalık and that narrow environment, she has always felt unhappy and under pressure in them.
  • Although he has to return to his lands due to his daughters and Sadik, he will never be truly happy. Nesrin has an endless fight against life. The rules set by him in the family apply. Although her prescriptive attitude is related to her being a teacher, Nesrin is a naturally dominant character.
  • Although Sadik submits to this just because he loves her, he will be very disturbed by Nesrin’s maverick day by day. Whatever Nesrin did, she did for her family. But everyone knows that this is about Nesrin’s ambitions.

Berker Guven as Somer

Uc Kiz Kardes Berker Guven

  • He is the only son of Rüçhan and Özer, the wealthiest family of Ayvalık. He met Mine while he was studying abroad, and despite all the obstacles of his family, he did not leave her. He turned a blind eye to marrying Türkan due to financial fears but promised Türkan that he would not become a wife.
  • Mine is the only owner of his heart. But Somer will not be indifferent to Türkan’s goodness day by day, and he will see in him the understanding and kindness that he has not seen from his mother and lover. Somer will realize too late that he grew up in his mother’s shadow and then lived under Mine’s auspices. Maybe it will be too late when he sees the gem inside Türkan.

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 34 English Subtitles

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