Yabani Episode 26 English Subtitles

Yabani Episode 26 English Subtitles

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Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Yabani Episode 26 English Subtitles

Episode Summary

  • Yaman was devastated when he escaped from Soysalanlar’s mansion. The possibility that Alaz, whom he beat, was his brother and, most painfully, that the woman he accidentally stabbed was his mother, has shattered him. Maybe he found his family, but he no longer has the courage to knock on the door of the house he sneaked into from the window.
  • Police and Soysalans are looking for him everywhere. However, Yaman is determined to learn the truth before surrendering to the police. Even though he has no evidence other than the half-torn childhood photo he has been carrying with him for as long as he can remember… When he appears before Neslihan with the help of Rüya, things do not progress as he imagined… Now, very deEp wounds have been opened that will not heal even if the facts are revealed…

Yabani Episode 26 English Subtitles

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  • What is the synopsis of Yabani (The Wild) series? Who are the players of the series? What about their characters? Which channel will be broadcast? Where is the filming location?
  • The first trailer of the series, starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, has been released. All the details of the series, which will start broadcasting on Fox TV screens, are being wondered. So, what is the story of the series? Who are the players of Yabani series, which channel will be broadcast?
  • The first promotion came from the new series of Fox TV, Yabani The synopsis and the cast of the series, which attracts attention with its different subject, attracted attention.
  • Players who will take part in the series are being researched by users. The first Episode of the series is eagerly awaited. It was a matter of curiosity, what was the synopsis of the series, whether it was an adaptation.
  • There is little time left for Fox TV’s new series, Yabani, to meet the audience. Many details about the series, starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, are curious. So, what is the synopsis of Yabani series? Who are the actor actresses of Yabani series, which channel will be broadcast? Here are the detail ,,,,


  • The series, which tells the struggle of a child who was kidnapped from a deep-rooted family and fell on the streets, returns to his home after years, and his struggle to re-create himself, tells the audience with its impressive story, “Blood ties or life ties?” he will question.
  • Halit Özgür Sarı And Simay Barlas Will Be A Star In The New Turkish Series “Yabani (The Wild)”
    Character Cast of the series(The Wild): Turkish Drama
    Fox Tv Series Yabani (The Wild): Release Date And Filming Location
  • Ali, who was kidnapped from a deep-rooted family and fell into the streets when he was only four years old, returns home exactly seventeen years later as Yaman. This is the story of this young man’s struggle to reinvent himself as “Yaman Ali”.

Character Cast of Yabani (The Wild)

Yabani Episode 26 English Subtitles

Halit Ozgur Sari play as Yaman

  • Halit Özgür Sarı was born on October 4, 1993 in Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Economics, she took acting lessons.
  • The handsome actor, who had his first acting experience in 2018 with the TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul, is 178cm tall. Lastly, the actor, who gave life to the character of Pamir Ulaş in the TV series Gizli Sakli, has previously acted in popular productions such as Hakan Muhafız, Geçen Yaz, Kırmızı Oda, Kardeşlerim, and Şampiyon.
  • Yaman is a smart and handsome man who catches fire. Yaman, a young man who grew up on the streets and calls himself Sarı, will fall in love with Rüya at first sight.

Simay Barlas play as Ruya

  • Simay Barlas was born on May 7, 1999 in Istanbul. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is within the age of 24, graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema and Television Department.
  • He had his first acting experience with the character of Öykü in the TV series Paramparça. The beautiful actress, who is 166cm tall and weighs 51kg, has previously acted in productions such as Ömer, Aziz, Aglama Anne, and Zalim İstanbul.
  • Ruya is a sane, beautiful and smart girl. Although Yaman is not the Prince Charming of Rüya, she is still kept.

Yurdaer Okur play as Serhan

  • Yurdaer Okur was born on October 29, 1974 in Rize. The 174cm tall actress graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theater Department.
  • Afterwards, he took part in the state theaters of cities such as Diyarbakır and Istanbul. The successful actress has previously played a leading role in productions such as Yargi, Kurulus Osman, Hakim, and Karadayı.
  • Prof. Dr Serhan is the wife of Neslihan Yücesoy.

Bertan Aslani play as Ates

  • Baran Aslani, who plays the leading role in the series Wild, was born on July 3, 1990 in Macedonia / Skopje. As of 2023, the handsome actor, who is within the age of 33, is 175cm tall and 74kg.
  • After his acting training, Baran Asslani, who had his first acting experience with the Nasty Seven series, has previously acted in productions such as Gecenin Ucunda, Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, and Akrep. Ates is a rich, cool and stubborn young man. He is also obsessively in love with Ruya.

Dolunay Soysert play as Neslihan

Dolunay Sosysert was born in Adana in 1973 and is in her 50s. Dolunay Soysert, a graduate of Istanbul University Art History and Archeology Department, has been very popular with her character Sumru, which she gave life to in the TV series Uandrfalıyam Ezelden, Kayıt Dışı ve Seddülbahir. Neslihan is a successful doctor in the wild cast.

Sezer Aricay play as Cesur

Sezer Arıçay, who has recently appeared in Megarsus and Club TV series, will also appear in the series as a wild player. Sezer Ariçay, known for his TV series Pis Yedilli, was born on October 21, 1991 and is 32 years old. Sezer Ariçay, who graduated from Kadir Has University Fine Arts Faculty, is 178 cm tall. Sezer Ariçay is a fearless person who will give life to a young man named Cesur in Yabani (the wild) series.

Rojbin Erden play as Asi

Rojbin Erden, the Angel of the series Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi, will be included in the cast with the character of Asi. Rojbin Erden, a trust manager, is a graduate of Istanbul University State Conservatory. Rojbin Erden, who is also interested in modeling, is shown among the actors with a bright future.

Ramiz Mullamusa play as Umut

Ramiz Mullamusa took his place among the Wild players and the series will take place with the character of Umut. Ramiz Mullamusa appeared in the TV series Elimi Birakma, Aşk 101 and Gönül Dagi. Ramiz Mullamusa was born on 24.06.1999 and is within the age of 24. Umut is a successful young man.

Aleyna Al play as Ece

Aleyna Al was born on February 9, 2006 in Aydın. As of 2023, the young player who is under the age of 17 will enter the University exam. The actress, who had her first acting experience with the Şevkat Yerimdar series published in 2017, also took part in Savasci series.

Sebnem Hassanisoughi play as Sebnem

Şebnem Hassanisoughi was born on December 7, 1985 in Istanbul. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is 37 years old, graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Theater Department. Şebnem Hassanisoughi, known as Poyraz Karayel’s Begüm, has previously acted in TV series such as Nefes Nefese, Vatanım Sensin, Filinta.

Bartu Dilmen play as Ruzgar

Bartu Dilmen is 26 years old. The actress, who started her career as a model and continued with acting, graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Sports Management. Bartu Dilmen, who took acting lessons from names such as Hakan Pişkin and Durul Bazan, is an Icon Talent actor.

Aysegul Unsal

Ayşegül Ünsal was born on August 17, 1973 in Istanbul. The actor, who is 49 years old as of today, continued his theater life, which started in high school, by graduating from Istanbul University Devlen Conservatory Theater Department. Successful actress Ayşegül Ünsal has previously acted in popular productions such as Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu, Aşk ve Mavi, Kiraz Mevsimi.

Birgul Ulusoy

Lastly, Birgül Ulusoy, who met the audience with the character of Fidan in the TV series Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk, was born on 17 November 1970 in Istanbul. Müjdat Gezen took acting lessons at the Art Center Theater Department and had his first acting experience with the Flower Taxi series. Successful actress Birgül Ulusoy has previously acted in distinguished series such as Aşk Mantık İntikam, Kırgın Çiçekler, and O Hayat Benim.

Guray Gorkem

Güray Görkem was born on May 18, 1976 in Ankara. As of 2023, the actor, who is 46 years old, graduated from Mersin University Theater Department. The player, who is 177cm tall and weighs 80kg, has previously acted in productions such as Diriliş Ertuğrul, Sakarya İrat, Arka Sokaklar, Kurtlar Vadisi Iraq.

Osman Alkas

Osman Alkaş was born on November 3, 1955 in Cyprus. Graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Acting Department, the actress is also one of the founders of Nicosia University. Osman Alkaş, known as the Ekrem of the TV series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki”, has previously appeared in productions such as Seni Kalbime Sakladım, Vuslat, and Hayat Şarkısı

Askin Senol

Askin Şenol was born on May 18, 1972 in Istanbul. Graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department, the actor is 51 years old as of 2023. She has previously acted in productions such as Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Mayıs Kraliçesi, and Seksenler

Yabani Episode 26

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