Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 English Subtitles Full HD

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 English Subtitles Full HD

Quality : HD 1080p

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Tags : Comedy Romance

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 English Subtitles


Episode Summary

  • Yaz and Kemal’s farmhouse adventure affects everyone. The marriage lie between Murat and Yaz begins to be questioned by everyone. In particular, Neriman and Emine’s handling of this incident puts Yaz in a difficult position.
  • While Murat is trying to get away from Yaz with his heartbreak, Yaz starts to struggle alone to continue the lie. He hides some things and asks Kemal and Aslı for help. As he builds his new plan to address the questions in Emine’s mind, things go wrong and he finds himself in the biggest void of his life…

What happen in the end episode?

  • After the eventful wedding shopping, Neriman and Emine were at the police station while Kemal followed Sinan. Aslı, on the other hand, has already made her plan to convince everyone that Sinan has nothing to do with this issue.
  • This time between Emine and Yaz, Yaz runs away from home. But Emine has now lost her faith and trust in her daughter. While Yaz’s mind is on his mother on the one hand and on Sinan on the other hand, Murat’s mind is only on Yaz. Although the step he takes to improve his morale causes the two to bond more, Yaz intends to clear up the confusion between them.
  • But Alice, who comes to the company the next day, will confuse Yaz this time. Neriman’s untimely visit to Murat is about to cause Kemal to learn about the situation between the two of them. Yaz intervenes and removes Kemal from the company.
  • But as he walks away from the company, Kemal has no idea that they will get closer to his past and moreover, that they will be so close to each other. Even though Summer has the opportunity to live the moments she dreams of with the man she loves, she can’t let go. This time it can’t be the usual Summer…

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 English Subtitles

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  • What is the synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı (The Summer Song)?
  • Who are the actors actresses?
  • Is the series an Adapted?
  • When will Yaz Şarkısı Be Released?
  • With the arrival of summer, television channels are also preparing to enter a new season. Many new productions will meet with the audience in the summer season. Channels also started to share information about their series before the new season.
  • The Summer Song series, which will be on FOX TV screens, has already been a matter of curiosity. So what is the synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı, who are its casts?

Synopsis of Yaz Şarkısı

Yaz Şarkısı is a romantic comedy genre. Kenan and Murat, two close friends, are two young people interested in music. Murat and Kenan decide to start a music company. But the arrival of a young and beautiful girl named Gul to the company they founded will change both their business and their friendship.

Cast of Yaz Şarkısı

  • Is Yaz Şarkısı An Adapted Series? There is no information about the adaptation of the Summer Song series. Ramazan Demirli, Zafer Özel Çetinel and Görkem Tuzun are the scriptwriters of the series. The story of the series is written by Can Sinan. Doğa Can Anafarta is in the director’s chair of the Summer Song series. Anafarta was last seen in the series Ego and received great acclaim in a short time.
  • When Does Yaz Şarkısı Begin? There is no clear information about the release date of Summer Song, a new summer series. The series, which will be broadcast on FOX TV screens, is expected to be set at the end of May. It is expected to meet the audience in June or July.

Nilsu Berfin Aktas play as Gül

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 - Nilsu Berfin Aktas

The beautiful actress, who met with the audience with the character of Gizem Demirci in the series “Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi”, which was recently broadcast on Show TV screens, was born on August 17, 1998 in Ankara. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is within the age of 24, studied acting at the Talent House Art Academy.

Mustafa Mert Koc play as Kemal

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 - Mustafa Mert Koç

  • Mustafa Mert Koç, who plays the leading role among the Summer Song Players, was born in 1994 in Ankara. The handsome actor, who is within the age of 29, is 183cm tall and 83kg.
  • After graduating from Atılım University, Department of Political Science, she studied acting and previously acted in popular TV series such as Yeter. Kemal is a successful and handsome man. He is one of the founders of the music company. Summer Song Actors Kemal

Efekan Can play as Murat

Yaz Sarkisi Episode 7 - Efekan Can

  • Efekan Can was born on January 1, 1994 in Bilecik, who met the audience with the character of Kara in Ates Kuslari series, which was broadcast on ATV screens.
  • After graduating from Bilecik University, Department of Business Administration, Atölye Crafta studied acting. Efekan, who received great acclaim with the character of Serhan in the Ufak Tefek Cinayetler series, took part in series such as Azize, Yasak Elma, and Orgetmen. Murat is Kemal’s partner. There are a music companies.

Oya Basar play as Emine

Oya Başar was born on February 11, 1956 in Istanbul. He joined the Istanbul Municipality City Theater when he was only 8 years old and continued his work for many years. The actor has recently appeared in productions such as Meleklerin Aski, Roman Havasi, and Yusuf series. Emine is Gül’s mother. Summer Song Emine

Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu play as Neriman

Yeşim Ceren Borozoğlu was born on July 29, 1974 in Ankara. As of 2023, the actress, who is 48 years old, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting at 9 Eylül University. He has previously appeared in productions such as Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, Annemizi Saklarken, and Kuruluş Osman. Neriman is Murat’s mother.

Zehra Yilmaz as Asli

  • Zehra Yılmaz was born on 30 July 1992 in Mersin. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is within the age of 30, graduated from Marmara University Radio and Television Department.
  • The beautiful actress, who is 170 cm tall, received acting training from the Cüneyt Sayıl Acting Workshop after her university education. Finally, Zehra Yılmaz, who met the audience with the character of Ece Kardaş in the Gül Masalı series, has previously acted in TV series such as Kuruluş Osman, Kalp Yarası, Gençliğim Eyvah.

Duygu Karaca

Duygu Karaca was born on June 5, 1985 in Istanbul. As of 2023, the beautiful actress, who is 38 years old, graduated from Müjdat Gezen Art Center Theater Department. Duygu Karaca has previously acted in productions such as Bazı Olaylar, Menajerimi Ara, and Sefirin Kızı.

Su Shanad

Su Shanad was born on April 12, 1990 in Istanbul. The actress, who is 33 years old, graduated from Kadir Has University Theater Department. Su Şanad, who had her first acting experience in 2011 with the TV series My Huzurum Kaldı, is 158cm tall and 68kg.

Merve Sevin

Merve Sevin was born in 1997 in Izmir. She graduated from the Department of Public Relations and later participated. The actress, who has become a very popular name here, has previously taken part in productions such as Annemizi Saklarken, İşte Bu Benim Masalım, 4N1K

Omer Kilic

Ömer Kılıç is 26 years old. He took acting lessons in many academies in order to be able to act. Ömer Kılıç had his first professional acting experience with the series of Yaz Şarkısı …


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