Çarpisma All Episodes High Quality

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Language : Turkish

Çarpisma All Episodes High Quality
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Çarpisma All Episodes High Quality :

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Kadir   is a successful chief superintendent; at Istanbul organized crime bureau. He has a happy life with his wife Asli (Sevtap Ozaltun) and his lovely daughter. Kadir is a workaholic and fearless and does; not refrain from putting himself into danger. He loves his family to death and tries to do his best to become a good father and a good husband. Kadir has nothing to have in this life other than his beloved wife and daughter. He has been raised in an orphanage and met his wife there. Apart from his family, Kadir’s only passion is his job and Sariyer soccer team. He goes to each and every soccer match and roots for his team. One day, he also brings his family to the soccer match but something unexpected happens. Due to terrorsit attack outside of the stadium, Kadir’s wife and daughter dies and Kadir’s lovely life turns upside down.

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