Basim Belada English Subtitles High quality

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Duration : 145 minutes

Quality : HD 1080p

IMDb rating : 8

Country : Turkey

Language : Turkish

Basim Belada English Subtitles High quality
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Basim Belada English Subtitles

I’m In Trouble

  • Azam Kamber, a former police officer, formed a team with his close friend Pele to follow up the cases of the wronged. His private life is turbulent. After her painful experience, her mother in Trabzon wants her to marry her childhood friend Melike.
  • Pele meddling as Azam tries to dodge the pressures. He sends the photo of Leyla, the eldest daughter of the Biçer family, Azam’s new neighbors, to Şerife from Azam’s phone with the note “The girl I love”. Upon this, the Kamber family took Melike with them and hurriedly came to Azam from Trabzon to Istanbul.
  • Azam is faced with a huge dilemma, on the one hand, he must deal with the lie of the girl I love, on the other hand, he must continue to hide the fact that he has resigned from the police force, which he hid from his father. As a matter of fact, his father is disturbed by his heart. How will Azam hide his resignation from his father?
  • On the other hand, Leyla and her family, whose photograph was taken, are a “strange” family. Leyla’s family, apart from her father Tayfur, is a family with special abilities. Tayfur has no special talents, but he is someone who does risk analysis and pays attention to details. Anne Narin Biçer is a skilful hypnosis master.
  • Leyla’s siblings, Buğra and Berna, are highly skilled in computer hacking and close combat. The murder of the eldest sons of the family by Safa Çağdaş leads the family to a revenge plan. However, they are faced with Çağdaş Varlı, a member of a YAPI that reaches everywhere.
  • Moreover, there is something they do not know about Safa’s death. While the family pursues their revenge plans, they will frequently encounter their opposite neighbor, Azam. Azam and Leyla will fall in love with each other on this journey full of secrets. But they are besieged by impossibility from all sides. Will their love have a chance to live?

Basim Belada English Subtitles

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  • Directors: Hatice Memiş – Ulaş Cihan Şimşek
  • Production : Baba Production
  • Project Design and Scenario : Hasan Burak Kayacı
  • Music : Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı
  • Cast: Keremcem (Azam), Merih Öztürk (Leyla), Kaan Taşaner (Contemporary), Umut Oğuz (Pele), Sinan Çalışkanoğlu (Yüksel), Yağmur Öztürk (Melike), Ali Çatalbaş (Tayfur), Zeynep Kumral (Narin), Ali Ipin (Wisdom), Nazan Diper (Sheriff), Yiğit Ege Yazır (Buğra), Bilgesu Kural (Berna), Ferdi Kurtuldu (Timur), Orhan Eşkin (Oktay), Berke Üzrek (Badi Uğur), Burakhan Yılmaz (Safa), Sevinç Kıranlı (Vildan), Bade Arazlı (Işıl), Murat Akkoyunlu (Üstün), Ayçin İnci (Melis), Selahattin Taşdöğen (Namik); Necip Karakaya (Ali Rıza)

Başım Belada (I’m In Trouble) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

  • Başım Belada (I’m In Trouble) Imprint. Who are the actors of Başım Belada? What’s the synopsis of Başım Belada? When will Başım Belada be started?
  • The first introduction to the series ‘Başım Belada’, signed by Baba Yapım, which will soon take its place on the ATV screen, has been released. Hatice Memiş and Ulaş Cihan Şimşek will be the directors of the series, which will attract attention with its rich cast and intriguing subject, while Yüksel Aksu sits in the chair of the general director.
  • Starring by Keremcem and Merih Öztürk, Başım Belada series starts on ATV! The countdown has begun for Başım Belada.Well, what is the story of Başım Belada, who are the actors actresses? When will Başım Belada series start? Details on the subject were a matter of curiosity. Here is the information about ATV’s eagerly awaited new directory…
  • Başım Belada series will meet with ATV viewers very soon. The countdown continues for the TV series Başım Belada, which tells what happened to a former police officer who was suspended from his duty at the police station due to anger management. Here is the plot and cast of ATV’s new series, , in which Keremcem and Merih Öztürk share the leading roles.


  • Başım Belada will tell the story of an ex-cop who was dismissed from his duty in the police station due to ‘anger control’, and a family with a secret past who has just moved to the neighborhood for revenge.
  • Başım Belada Release Date. The broadcast date and time of the series Başım Belada have not been announced yet. Our news will be updated simultaneously when the details on the subject become clear. Here are the actors actresses of the series Başım Belada:

Cast of Başım Belada

Basim Belada English Subtitles

  • Keremcem as Azam
  • Merih Öztürk as Leyla
  • Kaan Taşaner as Çağdaş
  • Sinan Çalışkanoğlu as Yüksel
  • Yağmur Öztürk as Melike
  • Ali Çatalbaş as Tayfur
  • Zeynep Kumral as Narin
  • Ali İpin as Hikmet
  • Nazan Diper as Şerife
  • Yiğit Ege Yazar as Buğra
  • Bilgesu Kural as Berna
  • Ferdi Kurtuldu as Timur
  • Orhan Eşkin as Oktay
  • Berke Üzrek as Badi Uğur
  • Burakhan Yılmaz as Safa
  • Sevinç Kıranlı as Vildan
  • Bade Arazlı as Işıl
  • Murat Akkoyunlu as Üstün
  • Ayçin İnci as Melis
  • Selahattin Taşdöğen as Namık
  • Necip Karakaya as Ali Rıza

Basim Belada English Subtitles

Basim Belada English Subtitles

I’m In Trouble

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