Bir Aile Hikayesi All episodes High Quality

Category : Series

Status : Continuous

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Quality : HD 1080p

IMDb rating : 7.2

Language : Turkish

Bir Aile Hikayesi All episodes High Quality
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Bir Aile Hikayesi All episodes High Quality :

Watch Bir Aile Hikayesi All Episodes English Subtitles,  Exclusif On turkish123com , also bir ask hikayesi english subtitles, Translated by turkish123com ; Free Watch and Download, Free Turkish Series, bir aile hikayesi final, English Subtitles,  turkish123com english subtitles, Watch it Also With Spanish Subtitles On movirama ;story  Bir Aile Hikayesi All episodesFour people born on the same day. All four are about to live the most important day of their lives. While Cem is preparing to celebrate his birthday with his wife, Reyhan, Reyhan’s birth pains begin. Even though there is a risky birth, they believe that everything will go well until the last moment and that they will take their babies. But life has a different plan for them. For five years, Berk has been the advertising face of a big brand. He finally gets a chance to play in a good movie, but can’t get permission from his producer.Now there is an important way of separation. Either everything will continue as before, or Berk will choose the freedom and pay the price. Living in peace with his wife and children, Mahur has a secret. He’s been trying to find his biological father for a while. He will get the good news on his birthday.” Bir Aile Hikayesi All episodes ” But the fact that he meets his father when he meets will greatly disappoint him. Beste, who has been in trouble with her kilos since her childhood, makes a new decision on her thirty-fifth birthday. To date, life has not gone as hoped and it is time to take on the reins. She will weaken at any cost. Nothing can hold her in the way. No matter what happens to these five people, there is something they know; Beauty will save the world.Watch Also : Hercai – Tatli Intikam – Twist of Fat turkish dramabir aile hikayesi all episodes

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