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Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles
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Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles


The colorful story of a woman named Neşe and her family, who dropped out of medical school, got married and had children, and returned to school after taking advantage of the amnesty after the children grew up.

Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles

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  • What is the Synopsis of Hayatımın Neşesi (The Joy of My Life)? Who are the actors actresses ? Where is Hayatımın Neşesi filmed? Which channel and when will the series be aired?
  • Television screens are getting ready to start broadcasting for the summer season with productions that are more beautiful than the next, entertaining than the other, satisfying the audience with drama and knocking on the door of those looking for romance.
  • The television audience, tired of the usual goofy stories, wants to watch hot series as if they were from our home. TRT1 screens also started preparations for this. We share with you the subject and actors of the new series of TRT 1, Hayatimin Neşesi!
  • TRT 1 is preparing to broadcast one of the TV series that its audience needs in the summer season; Hayatımın Neşesi (The Joy of My Life). As you know, with the arrival of the summer season, the screens have opened up for new TV series.
  • Instead of the productions entering the season finale, everyone is waiting for cheerful or cheerful, romantic or romantic summer series. One of these productions will be TRT 1’s series “Hayatimin Neşesi”
  • Directed by Şahin Altuğ and written by Ekin Atalar, the TV series Hayatim Neşesi will take its place on TRT screens with the signature of Goya Entertainment.
  • It was first shared about the name of the series that it would be ‘Happy Days’. Before the team went on the set, it was decided to change the name of the series to ‘Hayatımın Neşesi’.

Synopsis of Hayatımın Neşesi

  • Hayatımın Neşesi series tells the story of Neşe, who left her medical education and got married. No matter what she did, Neşe could not win the appreciation of her children or her family and could not make them happy.
  • A mother of two, Neşe wants to pick up where she left off after all these years and decides to return to school. With this turn, his whole life evolves towards a different place. Neşe’s life and her joyful story will come to our screens with ‘Hayatımın Neşesi’.

Cast of Hayatımın Neşesi

Şebnem Bozoklu

Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles

  • Şebnem Bozoklu (born 25 August 1979) is a Turkish actress.
  • Her paternal family is from Isparta, while her maternal family is from Siirt and of Egyptian descent. Her family moved to Moda neighborhood in Istanbul and she spent most of her childhood in Kadıköy.
  • She graduated from Kadıköy Girls High School in 1996 and finished her education at the School of Fine Arts of Dokuz Eylül University in 2000. She started taking acting classes at Müjdat Gezen Art Center and finished her studies in 2004.
  • Between 2005–2006, she served as a director for the play Sanat Dansı ile Mondi’ at Çisenti Theatre. Later, between 2006–2007 she worked as a presenter on TRT’s program Hazır Mısınız?. During the same period, she worked on another TRT program called Elma Kurdu as a soloist and puppeteer.
  • Bozoklu’s breakthrough came with her role in Canım Ailem as Meliha, for which she received a Golden Butterfly Award as Best Comedy Actress in 2009. In 2010, she was awarded at Radio-Television Journalists Association Oscars as Best Actress.

Tolga Tekin

Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles

  • Tolga Tekin (d. 19 Mart 1973, Ankara), Türk oyuncudur.
  • 19 Mart 1973 tarihinde Ankara’da doğmuştur. Orta eğitimini, Özel Arı Koleji’nde 1992’de tamamladıktan sonra, Hacettepe Üniversitesi Devlet Konservatuvarı Tiyatro Bölümünden, 1996 yılında mezun oldu.
  • Devlet Tiyatroları’nın açtığı sınavı kazanarak, Adana Devlet Tiyatrosu’nda görevine başladı. 1996 ile 2004 yılları arasında Adana Devlet Tiyatrosu’nda görev yaptıktan sonra, Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu’na tayin oldu.
  • Bizim Evin Halleri dizisinde 4 yıl oyuncu olarak çalıştı. Hâlen, Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu sanatçı kadrosunda görev yapmaktadır. Tolga Tekin, 21 Temmuz 2013 tarihinde kendisi gibi oyuncu olan Zeynep Koltuk ile evlenmiş[1], 2014 yılında ayrılmıştır.
  • Uğur Demirpehlivan

  • Metin Coşkun

  • Ezgi Tombul

  • Aras Şenol

Hayatimin Nesesi English Subtitles

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