Her Yerde Sen All Episodes High Quality

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Language : Turkish

Her Yerde Sen All Episodes High Quality
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Her Yerde Sen All Episodes High Quality :

Watch Her Yerde Sen All Episodes  English Subtitles,  Exclusif On turkish123com , also You are everywhere All Episodes Translated by turkish123com ; Free Watch and Download, Free Turkish Series, her yerde sen wikipedia , ; English Subtitles Watch it Also With Spanish Subtitles On movirama ;story of Her Yerde Sen All EpisodesDemir  is a handsome young man who has a successful career as an architect.  then He refuses job offers from big companies and wants to work by his own with his own rules. also For this reason, he returns to Istanbul after working in Japan and buys a small architect. company which is about to go bankrupt. It does not seem; to be a reasonable choice but Demir also  confident that he could save this company through successful management within 1 year.Demir wants to start a new life in Istanbul. After buying this company, he also buys his childhood home. However, his life turns upside down when he realizes that his childhood home is also sold to another person: Selin . Both Demir and Selin claim that they are the real owner of the house but they soon realize that they have just bought the 50% of the house. Both of them refuse to move out and do not know how to obtain the whole house. Demir does not want to move out because he wants ; to save his childhood ;memories. At the same time, Selin does not want to move out because she has bought and decorated; this house after hardly persuading; her parents who want her to get married. They do not have any choice but to share the house for a while. then

Demir and Selin, who claim in the same house and who are stubborn, are forced to live together.

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