Iyilik English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality

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Iyilik English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality
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Iyilik :

Goodness :

yilik – While Neslihan continues her wonderful life with her husband and children, one day she falls ill at the gym. She’s rescued by a young lady, whom she does not know. She becomes friends with this girl, whom she later learns is Damla. Realizing that the girl is with a married man and the helplessness in her story, she decides not to leave her alone in this relationship at all. Not knowing that the man is her own husband.


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  • April 29, 2022

  • Drama

  • Friday 8pm (TRT)

  • Fox TV

  • Fatih Aksoy

  • Med Yapım

  • Murat Öztürk

  • Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, Perihan Savaş, Sera Kutlubey

Synopsis And Cast :


What the synopsis of  the series ? Who are in the casts ? When will the series be released?

  • Fox TV is preparing to enter the market with a brand new series. The new series, which featured names such as Hatice Şandil and Perihan Savaş, attracted a lot of attention with its cast. The series actors actresses were also very curious.
  • The highly anticipated poster of the TV series starring such successful names as Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, Sera Kutlubey and Perihan Savaş has been released. The poster featuring Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci and Sera Kutlubey was widely shared on social media.

Release Date :

  • The series , which will meet the audience on the Fox TV screen, attracted a lot of attention with its cast. The synopsis of the series and the actors of the series were also very curious. Here are all the curiosities about the new series . Prepared to meet the FOX audience with its first episode on Friday, April 29 at 8 P.M, The series is produced by MEDYAPIM and directed by Murat Öztürk.
  • The series turns out that Neslihan’s life, which she thought was very happy, was actually an illusion. Neslihan is actually cheating on her husband. Damla, the second woman in the series, remains on the other side of reality. The series tells the struggle of Neslihan for herself and her family.

Synopsis :

  • In the series  Neslihan (Hatice Şendil) has a magnificent and enviable life from the outside. While Neslihan believes in this illusion and thinks she is living a perfect life, she learns that the person she trusts most in life, her husband (Ismail Demirci), has been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, with Damla (Sera Kutlubey), whom she replaces her sister with.
  • All the stones he steps on are displaced and Neslihan has to question and re-interpret right and wrong, good and bad, so that she can stand up again and fight for herself, for her family, for her children…
  • The series (Goodness) Adapted Series
  • The broadcast date of the first episode of the TV series, adapted from the South Korean TV series “The Queen’s House”, produced by MEDYAPIM and directed by Murat Öztürk, has been announced.

Cast :

Ismail Demirci

İyilik Ismail Demirci

Ismail Demirci was born on November 13, 1984 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Kuzey Yildizi (2019), Çarpisma (2018) and Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu (2007). He has been married to Hande Soral since October 14, 2017.

Hatice Sendil

İyilik Hatice Şendil

  • Born August 2, 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height 5′ 9″ (1,75 m)
  • Hatice Sendil was born on 2 August 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu (2007), Uyanis: Büyük Selcuklu (2020) and Iyilik (2022). She has been married to Burak Sagyasar since 2015. They have one child.

Sera Kutlubey

İyilik Sera Kutlubey

Sera Kutlubey was born on October 24, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Zalim Istanbul (2019), Iyilik (2022) and Isimsizler (2017).

Goodness Story Plot :

  • From the outside, Neslihan (Hatice Sendil) lives a magnificent and enviable life. Neslihan, who is quite happy, believes she is living the perfect life until she discovers that her husband (Ismail Demirci), whom she most trusts, has been cheating on her for a long time. So it’s time for Neslihan to emerge from her cocoon and join the fight.
  • All of the stoness he steps on slide, forcing Neslihan to re-interpret right and wrong, good and bad, in order to stand up and fight for herself, her family, and her children.

Sera Kutlubey, who will appear in front of the audience with the character of Damla, who is a fetish and home destroyer, will surprise the audience with her new role, especially after the good-hearted Cemre character she played in Zalim Istanbul, where she made her debut. From the introductions of the series, it is understood that Sera Kutlubey will successfully cope with this role.


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