Kaderimin Oyunu English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality

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Kaderimin Oyunu English Subtitles Season 1 High Quality
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Kaderimin Oyunu

  • Kaderimin Oyunu – Asiye, who struggles with her two young children at a young age has a miserable life but devotes herself to the happiness of her children despite all her deprivation, and is both a mother and a father to them, her life turns upside down with the disaster that happened to her daughter Narcissus, whom she avoids from her eyes. After that, Asiyah’s path crosses with Mahir, an unfamiliar stranger who helps them, who is dragged on an irreversible journey with his children for the sake of protecting his daughter.
  • Mahir, who helps them with humanitarian feelings and takes them to his car, is unaware yet that he will change the fate of both himself and Asiye and their children with this decision he has made. For Asiye, who took refuge in the Demirhan Mansion thanks to Mahir, this is not a salvation, but the beginning of a whole new war, that will tremble everything.

Kaderimin Oyunu

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  • Original Title: Kaderimin Oyunu
  • English Title: The Game of My Destiny
  • Also Known As:Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 11+ (each episode is 120 minutes)
  • Broadcast Network: Star TV
  • Broadcast Period: 3 December 2021 – Present
  • Production Company: NGM Medya
  • Director: Emre Kabakusak
  • Screen Writer: Gul Abus Semerci, Melis Veziroglu, Pinar Ordu, Selin Yaltaal, Meryem Demirli, Burcu Over
  • Filming Locations: Istanbul, Amasya


  • Asiye (Oyku Karayel) is a young and beautiful woman who has been raising her children by herself. When she gives birth to her second child, she becomes all alone. Her husband Cemal (Akin Akinozu) abandons them due to financial problems and never comes back.
  • Asiye does her best to raise her daughter Nergis (Iraz Akcam) and her son Ugur. Even though she works so hard, she cannot provide a decent life for her family. However, she never complains and tries to be very strong for the sake of her children.
  • The life of Asiye and her children turns upside down all of a sudden. Her daughter Nergis kills their neighbor who attempts to rape her. This unfortunate incident shatters their modest life.
  • In order to protect her daughter, Asiye decides to leave everything behind and escape from the police. She does not want to let her daughter be put in prison. Thus, she takes her children and hits the road.
  • Out of pure coincidence, Asiye comes across a young man Mahir (Sarp Apak) on the way. Mahir is a young businessman who has been living in Russia for a long time and goes to Istanbul to visit his family. When he understands that Asiye and her children are in a difficult situation, he becomes willing to help them and offers them a ride.
  • However, they make a car accident on their way to Istanbul. While Mahir is in intensive care, his family assumes that Asiye is Mahir’s wife and the children Nergis and Ugur are Mahir’s children.
  • Asiye and her children find themselves in a beautiful Demirhan mansion. However, rather than finding salvation there, they find themselves confronted with a new challenge. There, Asiye bumps into her ex-husband Cemal who has abandoned them years ago.
  • Demirhan family is a wealthy family in Istanbul. Harun (Mufit Kayacan) is the head of the powerful Demirhan family and he has two children Raci (Kaan Cakir) and Helin (Meric Aral).
  • Asiye’s ex-husband Cemal is now married to Helin and has a happy marriage. He enjoys his wealthy life together with his wife and his son. Whenever he sees Asiye, he pretends not to know her.
  • Asiye finds herself in a very difficult situation. She and her children need to disguise their identities in order to hide out from the police. They pretend to be Mahir’s family and decide to live in the Demirhan mansion for a while. At the same time, they pretend not to know Cemal.
  • The Game of My Destiny (Kaderimin Oyunu) tv series story is about a single mother Asiye who comes across her ex-husband Cemal years later. Will Asiye reunite with Cemal or make a fresh start with Mahir? Will Asiye overcome her cruel destiny and find happiness for her children? Will Nergis remember her father Cemal? Will Asiye manage to protect her daughter Nergis?

Kaderimin Oyunu

Cast of Kaderimin Oyunu

Öykü Karayel

  • Öykü Karayel previously took the lead role in the TV series Bir Başkadır. Born on August 20, 1990 in Istanbul, the beautiful actress Öykü Karayel is 31 years old. Öykü Karayel who was previously in the TV series Muhteşem İkili, is married.
  • A graduate of Istanbul University Theater Department, Öykü Karayel first became famous with TV series such as Kuzey Güney and Kara Para Aşk. Öykü Karayel is 1.63 meters tall and weighs 51 kilograms.

Akin Akinozu

  • Akın Akınözü, the star of the Hercai series,  born in January 1990, is 31 years old. Akın Akınöz, originally from Ankara, started the sector with the series Muhtesem Yuzyil and Arkadaşlar İyidir.
  • Payitaht Abdulhamid and Aslan Ailem are important TV series featuring Akın Akınözü. Akın Akınözü, who is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 76 kilograms, is in love with Sandra Pestemalciyan.

Sarp Apak

  • Sarp Apak was born on 11 November 1981 in Diyarbakır and is 40 years old. Sarp Apak, who took acting lessons at Dokuz Eylül University, gained experience in the staff of BKM Kitchen. European Side and Lie World are important TV series featuring Sarp Apak.
  • Sarp Apak is 1.81 cm tall and weighs 77 kilograms. Sarp Apak, who is married to Bengisu Uzunöz.

Nesrin Cavadzade

  • Nesrin Cavadzade, who is at the peak of her career with Yasak Elma series, will be among the actress of this series. Azerbaijani-born Turkish actress Nesrin Cavadzade was born on 30 July 1982 and is 39 years old.
  • Nesrin Cavadzade, who has been living in Turkey for 28 years, is a graduate of Marmara University Cinema and Television Department. Şahika Tekand Studio The beautiful actress, who received acting training, is 170 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. Nesrin Cavadzade and actress Gökhan Alkan are married.

Yeşim Gül

  • Lastly, Yeşim Gül, who appeared in the series “Arıza (The Fault)” with the character of Rukiye, had previously appeared in the series Yüzleşme. Yeşim Gül, born on May 27, 1966, is 55 years old.
  • It is written on social media that Yeşim Gül, who is a graduate of Ankara Hacettepe University Theater Department, is in a relationship with Serdar Peçen.

Esra Dermancioglu

  • Esra Dermancioglu was born on December 7, 1968 in Istanbul. Esra Dermancıoğlu last appeared in the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova. Discovered by Gülse Birsel, Esra Dermancıoğlu was known for her TV series Avrupa Yakası and Yalan Dünya.
  • Esra Dermancıoğlu, who continued her rise in the series “Fatmagül’un Sucu Ne?”, had previously appeared in the TV series Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kösem and Kırgın Çiçekler.

Kaan CakirKaan Çakır will also be among the players of the series. Lastly, Kaan Çakır, who appeared in the TV series Benim Adim Melek, had previously appeared in the TV series Bodrum Masalı, Bir İstanbul Masalı and Diriliş Ertuğrul. Kaan Çakır, who was born in Istanbul in 1977, is 44 years old.Meric Aral

  • Meriç Aral, who recently appeared in the TV series Kırmızı Oda and Söz, was born in November 1988 and is 32 years old. Meriç Aral, who graduated from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul Bilgi University, started to be known for the series Medcezir.
  • Meriç Aral, who was also in the High Society series for a while, is in love with Serkan Keskin. Meriç Aral is 1.71 meters tall and weighs 55 kilograms.

Kaderimin Oyunu

Additional Cast Members

  • Yesim Gul as Emine Kutay
  • Onur Bilge as Fikret Kutay
  • Ayca Koptur as Gulsum Kutay
  • Mustafa Arda Isik as Alican
  • Cemre Melis Cinar as Meral


  • Asiye (Oyku Karayel): She is a beautiful young woman who has a daughter and son. She gets married to her first love Cemal from her neighborhood when she is very young. On the day of giving birth to her son, Cemal abandons them. After then, Asiye becomes all alone and does her best to raise her children in poverty. 7 years later, when her daughter Nergis kills a man, Asiye decides to escape from the police and finds herself in the Demirhan family. Asiye comes across a decent man Mahir who is the illegitimate son of Demirhan family. She needs to make a tough decision of reuniting with her ex-husband Cemal or making a fresh start with Mahir.
  • Cemal (Akin Akinozu): He is a young man who has been raised in an orphanage. He gets married to his first love Asiye and has a happy marriage. He does his best to have a decent life and works so hard as a truck driver. However, he cannot manage to get rid of financial problems and abandons his family responsibilities. Cemal gets married to Helin and starts to have a wealthy life even though he still loves Asiye. He regrets his decision and wants to return to Asiye and his modest life. But, he cannot leave Helin when he learns that she is pregnant. 7 years later, Cemal comes across his ex-wife Asiye in the Demirhan mansion.
  • Mahir (Sarp Apak): He is the illegitimate son of Demirhan family. He has been raised by the servants of Demirhan family. After learning the truth about his biological father (Harun Demirhan), he leaves everything behind and starts to live in Russia. 17 years later, he returns to Istanbul and comes across Asiye on his way. Mahir is a mature and merciful man who never avoids responsibility and has to fight to achieve success. He does his best to help Asiye and her children when he understands that they are in a difficult situation. Later on, he develops some feelings towards Asiye.
  • Helin (Meric Aral): She is the daughter of Demirhan family. She is married to Cemal and has a son. She loves Cemal to death and is determined not to lose him no matter what.
  • Zahide (Esra Dermancioglu): She is the daughter-in-law of Demirhan family. She is married to Raci and has a daughter. She suspects Asiye and Mahir and does her best to learn the truth about their past.
  • Raci (Kaan Cakir): He is the son of Demirhan family and is married to Zahide. He takes over family business but engages in illegal gambling activities in Demirhan hotels. He considers Mahir as a threat for his legacy and wants to ruin his reputation.

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