Kasaba Doktoru – High Quality

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Kasaba Doktoru – High Quality

Kasaba Doktoru

Town Doctor

Kasaba Doktoru – Follows an eccentric, triple board-certified virtuoso surgeon who leaves a top job in a top city hospital and ends up at a provincial hospital, where he mentors young doctors, the talented and promising Omer, who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon Ali, who has dedicated his life to saving lives. In a town hospital in the city, Omer will cross paths with Ali Hoca and the idealistic doctor Leyla, determined to struggle to do their best to help people.

Kasaba Doktoru

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The Story and the Cast of  Series

  • In the series, we will watch the life stories and professional difficulties of the doctors. The series is going to be on the TRT 1 screens. The acclaimed Turkish actor Ozan Akbaba takes the lead role. The actor received huge recognition with his role as İlyas in Her Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (Bandits).
  • Well, there are many questions in the air such as who are the leading roles, or story of the series, or else, the release date. Well, don’t worry! Grab a cup of coffee, lay back, and scroll down the page to learn everything you want about the brand-new Turkish TV series.

A Thrilling Story and a Cast

  • The producers of  the series  have announced the story and the cast members of the series. The series, by the way, is preparing to come to TRT 1 screens very soon. TRT 1’s new series “Town Doctor” is getting ready to meet the audience. The series has also a slogan: “There is only one rule in this hospital: If it’s about a life to be saved, we take all kinds of risks!’
  • So, the audience has been wondering details of the series. The series draws the attention of the audience with its cast and story.

The Story

  • The main scope of the story of the series revolves around Kemal (played by Ozan Akbaba), who is a successful surgeon and starts a big career in a huge hospital. However, he disappears after a traumatic event, and then re-employment in a small hospital in a town. This is what we will mainly watch in the series.

Is Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor) an Adaptation?

  • Yes, it is. The exciting medical TV drama is an adaptation of the Korean original Dr. Romantic. The series gained such huge success that Turkish producers decided to adapt the series into a Turkish version.

The Cast and Characters of the Turkish Series

  • In the production directed by Arda Sarıgün, starring Ozan Akbaba, Deniz Can Aktaş, Hazal Subaşı, Sinan Albayrak, Barış Yıldız, Özgün Karaman, Sinan Demirer, Tarık Uğur Özenbaş, Barış Yalçın, Özgür Cem Tuğluk, Alptekin Ertürk, Sultan Ulutaş, Fatih Yücebağ and Vildan Atasever.Kasaba Doktoru
  • Deniz Can Aktaş and Hazal Subaşı
  • Ozan Akbaba (acted as Doctor Ali)
  • Hazal Subaşı (acted as Doctor Leyla)
  • Deniz Can Aktaş (Doctor Ömer)
  • Vildan Atasever (acted as Mine)
  • Sinan Albayrak (acted as Yalçın),
  • Özgün Karaman (acted as Bora)
  • Barış Yıldız (acted as Turgut)
  • Sinan Demirer (acted as İhsan)
Ozan Akbaba (Doctor Ali)
  • Doctor Ali is an associate professor of general surgery who works in a small town. Doctor Ali is a doctor who has an incredible talent in surgery. However, has been exiled to this town for his undisciplined behavior.
  • Doctor Ali successfully performs operations in the town hospital that cannot be performed even in many city hospitals but does not take any procedure into account. He is crazy enough to do emergency surgery. He is the chief of surgery of the town hospital. Doctor Ömer has a lot to learn from Ali Hoca.
Hazal Subaşı (Doctor Leyla)
  • Doctor Leyla works as an emergency doctor at a large university hospital in Istanbul. Doctor Ömer is Leyla’s intern doctor. Ömer, on the other hand, is in love with Leyla. Leyla, nevertheless, is in love with the surgical chief of the hospital. Ömer confesses his love to Leyla but does not receive a response.
  • Leyla has an accident just as she received a marriage proposal from the hospital’s surgical chief. Fortunately, Leyla survives the accident, but the most famous doctor of the hospital dies in that accident. So, before she gets well, she throws herself into the mountains and trips over the cliff.
  • Doctor Ali is the one who saves Leyla from the mountain by chance. Although Leyla receives physical therapy, she becomes unable to use her right hand at a rate of 50%. Thus, Leyla quits surgery and starts specializing in the heart field by being assigned to a town hospital.
Deniz Can Aktaş (Doctor Ömer)
  • In the TV series Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor), Ömer comes from a poor family. When Ömer was still in high school, his father had a heart attack and came to the hospital. But instead of taking care of Ömer’s father, the doctors try to save the father of a deputy.
  • Therefore, Ömer loses his father that evening and works hard to put an end to this injustice, and wins medical school. Moreover, he finishes the faculty with first place. The brave doctor, Ömer, falls in love with his emergency doctor Leyla, but that accident takes Leyla from Ömer’s hands.
  • Ömer also becomes successful in the hospital and gets his specialty in surgery. However, because he is a sharp doctor, they send him to a small town as a doctor after unsuccessful surgery. That town is the hospital where Leyla works, whose traces Ömer has been looking for years.

The Story of Three Idealistic Doctors

  • In the “Kasaba Doktoru” series, the talented and promising doctor Ömer (played by Deniz Can Aktaş), who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon doctor Ali (played by Ozan Akbaba), who is dedicated to saving lives, will cross paths in a town hospital far from the city.
  • In this town hospital, which brings together Ali, Ömer, and the idealistic doctor Leyla (played by Hazal Subaşı), the determined struggle of three doctors who do their best to help people will be revealed.

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